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Scott SILVER, president and operator of SILVER Development & Associates, Inc., also SILVER Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service, started working in the construction and plumbing industry in the late-1980’s, and in 1991 founded SILVER Construction and SILVER Plumbing—license #632465. Scott holds a General Building Contractor’s License (B); General Engineering License (A); as well as the Plumbing Contractor’s License (C36). Scott’s reputation as a knowledgeable, honest, highly-skilled contractor led to his success as both a building contractor and plumber.

In 2000 Scott obtained incorporation status and established SILVER Development & Associates, Inc. License #793821. Both SILVER Construction and SILVER Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service are under the same license status.


For nearly 20 years, Scott Silver has been serving southern California homeowners and businesses in the building and plumbing industries, his commitment to delivering high quality work, value for the money, and timely courteous service has made clients into friends.

Service Guarantee

Scott personally manages every job to ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Ventura County – 805.646.0523
Southern Santa Barbara County - 805.969.7337

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Weekend rates same as weekdays.